Small / Mid-Size Administrative Support

The Safina Group was founded over thirty years ago to meet the administrative support needs of small to mid-size companies. At the time, most of our clients required nothing more than a pen and paper to operate their business, yet over the years have become dependent on technology in order to continue operations. The Safina Group then decided to spin off its technology support services into Safina Technologies in order to best assist clients in making the best utilization of their technology while having a more positive impact on their bottom line.

Having a full time IT department may not be in everyone’s budget. We concentrate on providing extensive, specialized, and economical IT solutions for businesses without a full-time tech department. We will take the annoyance and frustration out of managing your computers so you can concentrate on what matters most to you- your business. Whether you’re looking to keep IT costs down, avoid unforeseen complications, communicate more efficiently, or make a strategy for business continuity, Safina Technologies Inc. has an answer for you. With courteous technical advice and support around the clock, we’ll help you turn effective technology into a competitive advantage. At Safina Technologies, we offer full-services in Information Technology Consulting/computer networking, assisting our clients in designing, deploying and maintaining their IT systems from the data center to the desktop using the best practices from a multitude of resources. Our engineers at Safina have years of practical and technical experience working with companies large and small. Our combined certifications from Microsoft, IBM, Synology, Watchguard, and many others make us a valued partner with clients and vendors. Schedule an appointment with us today and see how we can add value to you and your company!

Houston Based

Headquartered in Houston, TX

Business Solutions

Industry leading solutions for everyday business applications.

Industry Certified

All Safina technicians are industry certified!

Technical Support

All Consultants are experienced technicians!


Our Vision & Mission:

We want to become one of the fastest growing and most trusted independent IT Services Company with 5 main focuses:

  • God Centered
    • To live out our values and Christian beliefs throughout the company culture, within our team, and everyone we encounter
  • Associate Valued
    • To value our associates by creating a place of fun, excitement, and a place of rewarding growth. To hire people with great attitudes, who are problem solvers, goal oriented, flexible with responsibilities, and enthusiastic team players
  • Customer Focused
    • To deliver highest level of standard to all our customers’ needs with go above and beyond attitude that provides quality goods and services to all markets
  • Supplier Focused
    • To treat our suppliers/vendors with the same standards as our customers
  • Community Dedicated
    • To be recognized as being a leader and give back to our surrounding community and/or overseas to help those who are in need