Backup Solutions / Data Recovery

At Safina Technologies, our knowledgeable & experienced technicians offer support for the latest in backup management solutions. We can provide either on-site backup by providing extra storage or off-site managed online backup solutions, making sure your data is always protected.

Worried About Loss of Data?

Our Data Recovery gives you the peace of mind that your data is always retrievable. With the potential failure of storage devices and data corruption threatening the integrity of your data, valuable information can be lost at anytime. Safina allows you to breathe easy knowing you have full Business Continuity in the event of data loss or a disaster, with no disruptions.

If your drives fail due to either logical or physical failures, our experienced technicians can recover lost data so that your business can continue with its activity. We will take care of everything so that you don’t have to stress over protecting your business flow from data loss.

It’s unpredictable when your data may be lost so it’s imperative to have a backup strategy. We will collaborate with you to formulate a backup solution and data recovery support to ensure that your data remains safe and accessible.

Common Backup Management Questions

How often are updates/checks performed? View More

On our managed service plans, we receive monitoring reports every five minutes from our endpoints. This gives us a near real-time view into the overall health and maintenance of systems.

What are the top causes of data loss? View More

Top causes of data loss could be introduction of malware / virus into an environment, accidental deletion, or as simple as poor networking hardware causing inconsistent connections, resulting in lost packets and file corruption.

Without Managed Services, what is commonly forgotten or missed? View More

The biggest are security patches. Even with windows automatic updates, many third party applications often go unpatched well after vulnerabilities have been discovered. Another is backup of PC’s. Many businesses have backup plans in place for servers. Many of these backup plans are file level backups only, and don’t take into account the downtime of physical hardware failure. While it’s great to have redundant data, it is also smart to have redundant system states that can be restored virtually or on new physical hardware in the event of failure.

Let Safina Technologies secure your data!

Why Businesses Use Backup / Data Recovery

  • Recovery of Lost Data / Corruption / Accidental Deletion
  • Hardware Failures
  • Data Retention Policy
  • Data Security
  • Quick Restore
  • Snapshot Versioning
  • Cryptolocker (Virus) Removal