Houston IT Support for Small Businesses

Which Agility program is right for you?

Businesses need the ability to securely manage their data, but face tighter resource and budget constraints. That’s why we have created our Agility Managed Services, which shifts all the responsibilities associated with IT to Safina Technologies and provides you with a Virtual Chief Information Officer to lend expertise.

From network administration to security patches, from backups to maintaining support agreements, Agility takes care of IT for your business for a predictable monthly fee. Our customizable services are available hourly, monthly, or for a long-term contract, so you don’t have to pay a full-time employee salary over the long term. We offer packaged services as well as work with you to create the services you need for your business.

Our certified technicians are accomplished at the newest technologies when they walk through your door. We take a proactive stance on our services; the best way to approach technical complications is to become aware of potential problems that may arise. It is important that your business operates smoothly with minimal issues. That’s why, with our Agility Managed Services, we make sure to be proactive in our management and support of your technology.

A sample of what you can expect when choosing a Safina Agility Managed Service package:

  • Day to day administration and management of network infrastructure and workstations
  • Monitored network performance and issue remediation
  • Security and operating system patches scheduled for remote installation
  • Data protection for scheduled backup and data restoration
  • Anti-virus protection professionally automated and monitored
  • Hardware repair for warranty replacement and on-site repair
  • New user provisioning Wireless, LAN, and WAN connectivity support and maintenance
  • Email support and maintenance
  • Access to 24/7 Network Operation Center for technical support
  • Planning/Budgeting with a virtual CIO
  • Network health reporting
  • IT policy review and reports about network

If your business needs only some of these support services, give us a call. We work to create a custom maintenance package that will work for your needs.