Business Network & Data Security

At Safina, our managed services ensure that no matter the size of your business, your computers and network are always up to date with the latest security. As a leading IT company in Houston, TX specializing in network and infrastructure support & security for small to medium size businesses, we have the flexibility to collaborate with you and find the best solution for your network needs.

Watchguard Firewall
Network security is a must-have for your business where sensitive data is always at risk from outside factors. Safina Technologies leverages the latest Next Generation Firewall/UTM(unified threat management) appliances to ensure that your information remains secure and confidential. Your business will remain protected and private while Safina Technologies can enable you to access your network from anywhere.

Does Your Business Need Network Installation?

Safina Technologies designs, installs and certifies wired or wireless network/security infrastructures. Whether you need an additional office or multi-floor building connected and certified, our structured connectivity department is ready to meet your wired or wireless needs.

Common Network/Security Questions

What is business content filtering and when do you need it? View More

Business content filtering is the limiting of access to particular sites on the internet/intranet. If a business feels that they are becoming victims of ‘time crime’ (i.e. browsing social media etc during normal business hours), then content filtering is definitely something they would need.

What does WIFI management entail? View More

Wifi management would entail the deployment / management of a wireless network consisting of multiple access points across an office environment. Management pieces would include reporting, provisioning of endpoints, creation / editing of multiple wireless SSID’s from a single pane of glass, etc.

Business WIFI monitoring and analytics? View More

This would fall under the management of wireless networks. Monitoring for rogue access points in an environment, monitoring for bandwidth thresholds, etc. Analytics could provide reporting on top data usage from certain access points or across the whole network, WiFi saturation reporting, etc.